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The system of health care is a mess… doctors focusing on symptom suppression, and people blindly accepting the prescriptions without questions. Combine that with a population that is making itself sick with poor lifestyle choices, and we have a recipe for disaster! Is it any wonder that Americans spend more for health care than anyone else on the planet, and yet America ranks only 49th in the world for life expectancy?

While the government struggles to find ways
to solve (or not solve) the problem on a
grand scale, you need information and answers to help you
live healthier and be healthier today. That’s where BOTTOM LINE ON YOUR HEALTH comes in.

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We Can’t Afford to be Healthy!

In the economic game of health care, wellness is a loser. Sickness is a winner. That’s the sad, simple economic fact.

Here’s an example: Statin drugs that lower cholesterol are profitable for all involved—pharma companies, drugstores, insurance companies and even the doctors who get free meals Read on…

BOTTOM LINE ON YOUR HEALTH is a two-hour program broadcast live every Saturday 4:00 - 6:00 pm Eastern time focusing on answers to your questions. Hosted by Sarah Hiner, publisher and COO of Bottom Line Publications, and her guest medical expert, Dr. Max Gomez, Emmy Award–winning medical journalist for WCBS-TV.

Sarah will explore all aspects of health-care options—both mainstream and natural/alternative to put you in charge of your health-care choices.

Catch BOTTOM LINE ON YOUR HEALTH for information that can make your health picture a brighter one.

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